Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sunday Funday!!

The Year of the Snake kicked off with a huge bang, shiny braids and a beautiful qipao (pronounced chee-pow...special Chinese dress) made by my mom. It ended with a huge bang too.

After Ah-men, where the entirety of the congregation ooh-ed and ahhhh-ed over Ella's outfit, we met up with our Families With Children of China group for lunch. There was a whole lot of cute at that restaurant. We only see some of these families once or twice a year, and are blown away at how all of our babies are growing leaps and bounds.

Madrin and Ella
Ella and Lana
So many sweets, so little time!

And you better believe that Ella's Roz, MamaKatie and Patrick were at a table within squealing distance.

Of course, Grandma and Papa were along for the celebration with big smiles.

After binging at the longest buffet of Chinese food this side of the Mississippi, we crossed our fingers and toes that Ella could sneak in a nap before heading off to her pre-school fundraiser. And what does her hair look like when the braids come out before naptime? Well... 

...like this. She calls this her afro. Her nap was fitful and no surprise. The FCC gathering is over-stimulating to us adults! I ended up cuddling her in the rocker where she fell back to sleep for another half hour. Honestly, it has been almost three years since that has happened. It.Was.Heaven.

After a costume change and a quick hair updo, we were off to Ella's pre-school for their annual spaghetti dinner fundraiser complete with silent auction and a performance from the kids. A big thank you to Grandma, Papa, Mama Katie, Patrick and Roz for supporting the school and cheering on our girl.

Ella did an incredible job. She has blossomed leaps and bounds about 'performing' in front of a group of people. We know the nurturing environment, her sweet teachers and her nice little classmates have helped.

Her two best buds at school are boys (love this girl).

Ella with Nikko

and James
Roz pounded some spaghetti!
A little pre-game jitters, asking me for one last hug.
She started out like this - her new nervous/bashful position.

And then busted out in full song and big dance moves.


Our big girl. The entire "Ella table" was beaming with pride as she and her classmates entertained. In between snapping these shots and video, I took a few moments to gain composure and marvel at how far she's come. And to think, three years ago at this time, none of us knew her yet.

Today is Thursday. We are a little whipped (translation: I am whipped). I've been at Ella's school both Tuesday and Thursday helping out with celebrations. And folks, you're just going to have to wait to hear about that in my next post!

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