Thursday, February 7, 2013


Sass. Spunk. Cheeky. Bold. Full of spirit.


Ella has turned a corner on all of these. She seems to store it up in massive quantities, just for me. I just love her for that.

Sassy-pants has had a great week in spite of killing us with her newborn night-time sleep schedule (up anywhere from 2-8!!! times) or napping for mere minutes compared to her normal two hour pass out. I was able to capture this sweet image today.

It finally caught up with her.
And it has been an action-packed week.

1. More Valentine baking.

2. Playing a new game from Uncle Trent and Aunt Kim (where she beat me fair and square two out of three games.)

3. A Wednesday filled with laughter and trashing the house with KatieRoz.


4. A super awesome day at school today, topped off with lunch with our buddies. And suckers.

This weekend is going to be a doozie! In addition to art school on Saturday morning, we have our FCC Chinese New Year gathering (160 attending!) early Sunday afternoon with a pre-school spaghetti dinner fundraiser on Sunday evening. My camera will be burning up before it is all over. Stay tuned!
Happy Weekend. ~H

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