Monday, February 11, 2013

Picture Monday.

As suspected, this past weekend was a blur of really wonderful memories. We are blessed...with a wonderful child, a vibrant art scene and art museum, a great family, a supportive and loving extended family, a strong church family, a Families With Children From China group that we adore, and a nurturing pre-school that is a perfect fit for our girl.

And although I'll have to chip away at my photos and update the blog as time allows, I can give you a glimpse into some fun happenings on Friday and Saturday :)

I love this picture as it looks like I'm hanging from the ceiling to take it. I was, in fact, not hanging from the ceiling mainly because I'm scared of heights. It was taken at an art gallery on Friday night. A local artist (one who graces our walls now) had an opening. We hit up the local Vietnamese Restaurant on the way home to slurp up some noodles.
Saturday was filled with color and more gallery strolling for Ella and her daddy.
The kids worked with pastels and Ella REALLY got into it. Where all the other children follow along pretty well with the drawing instructions from the teacher, Ella tends to do her own thing and attack the paper as she sees fit. And all that hard work paid off with a super long nap.

Once my camera cools down, our Chinese New Year Celebration and Pre-School Fundraiser pics will be next up!


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