Sunday, July 24, 2016


Before first grade was over (some 6 weeks ago at this point, ugh!), Ella celebrated the end of year with her class and cool teacher. And for the first time, Ella actually BOWLED at a bowling party.

Ella and Rufus

The Teach.

Ella with her #1 guy, Santana
There were shouts and big jumps as we left school for the last time. We were both relieved to put all the routines on the back burner. I almost cried tears of joy over not having to pack lunches.

 We've gotten our money's worth out of the zoo membership so far.

Ella had her second piano recital with Miss Gail at her side. We were so proud of her.

Roz knocked it out of the park, too and Ella was right there to make sure she was OK.

 Piano lessons are continuing throughout the summer and the progress continues.

 T-Town likes festivals and we made sure we were at one of our favorites: The Old West End Fest. Some of our best peeps joined us.

 Now that the all the loose teeth are gone for now, Ella is enjoying one of her summertime favorites without hesitation.

 We've had adventures.

And a neighborhood garage sale.

Ella scored a cool dollhouse at the same garage sale!
 Thomas is busy being Thomas.

Ella and Roz went to a great camp together called, "Chinese Is Fun".

And although they both liked to give us grief about why we do such an awful thing as signing them up for camp during summer break, Ella has grown leaps and bounds in trying something new and allowing herself to enjoy it.

The neighborhood has been hopping with fun.

 And so has our Art Museum! We celebrated Father's Day with some of our favorite men!

A get-away to Lake Michigan was perfect timing. The weather was perfect and the sunsets are magical.

Her search for shells was never-ending.

 We hated to leave it all but that next week, someone got to join her friends, Piper and Oliver and Mama Brooke, strawberry picking!!

Look at her with her big girl teeth, looking all grown up!