Monday, November 23, 2015

A whole lot of thanksgiving.

A highlights reel of our thankfulness...

Husband-Dad who does anything for his girls.

Dad-Grandpa celebrating another birthday and my Mom who are such incredible Grandparents to our girl.

 The arrival of peppermint brownie cake-pops.

A vibrant community that allows for even the youngest to be a part of a cool evening.

Music. All kinds of music! This year, we are especially thankful for a sweet piano teacher friend who lives a few blocks away and how she is teaching Ella to make HER OWN music.
She will perform in her very first recital in mid December. One of the selections will be a duet with the BFF Roz.
We are thankful for new undertakings and for Ella's ability to roll with whatever comes her way. We are extremely thankful for my parents and Mama Katie who help fill in gaps as these undertakings do a lot of 'taking' of time.

Nature. It has been a glorious fall filled with sun and warmer-than-normal temperatures. We also had overnight visitors a few days ago. This buck and one of his girls camped out in our backyard!

Family gatherings to honor all of my Grandma's cooking, and packing the house so full of people that every window steamed up.

And waking up the next morning to the season's first snow fall.

Thanksgiving love to all of you! ~H