Sunday, May 7, 2017

Homestretch on Second Grade.

15 days. As of tonight, Ella has 15 more actual days of class with her beloved Mr. H. 

The days pass slowly but the years fly by. And when we are in the day-to-day where she is brushing her teeth at the kitchen sink whilst washing her feet at the same time (see above), it is going slowly, people. Trust me. 

But when she spoons in next to me in our bed for pre-bed snuggles and then proceeds to talk with her hands as she explains the daily events in class, I see my 16 year old daughter. It is going too fast. 

Ella and Lillian hanging with me during a school delay
Summer break will be a mix of good stuff this year. My parents and Ella will hang out together again. I've got a long list of things we will be exploring during our time together, including her coming to work with Larry or me a bit more. She doesn't know it yet, but I intend on having her own desk (ie card table!) set up in my office so that she can do her own 'work' without taking over my desk. 

I figure by Week #3 of summer break, she and I will be pushing each other's buttons.

 A few weeks ago, we got to celebrate Mama Brooke's big 4-0 by screen printing our very own t-shirts.

Our neighborhood has a new independent coffee shop. I hit the library for the last book recommendation my Aunt Kay gave me, a cup of java and a comfortable chair in the corner. It was some of the best 45 minutes of solitude!

 We had to prep Panda for out-patient surgery. (He is thread bare in so many places.)
 We all enjoyed a new local Cuban restaurant.

And then we did this, because they needed love (a lot more than we had thought, it turns out) and we had love to give.

More on these four furballs later.

As Roz was gearing up for her grandparents' big move from Florida to just two blocks away from her, we did our part in planting some seeds to get her Grandma's vegetable garden going.

My dear friend Pamela gifted Ella and Roz such incredible books. Each page of the book highlights a rebel girl. Pamela and I share a huge love for books. She can still read 40 books to my 1 but we often are texting each other about books that 'must be added to the list'. I am so happy she shared her love of reading, and is encouraging them both to be rebels along the way.

And our veggies are growing!

 We took out my Mama for her birthday a few weeks ago and then woke up the next morning to Easter!

And then Ella and I had a fantastic stay-cation spring break. I took time off work and we hit the town.

I needed a vacation from her spring break vacation before it was all over.

It was worth it, a thousand times over.