Monday, October 2, 2017

Amazing start.

At this point, I think it is safe to say Ella is enjoying third grade in spite of the new teacher, moving to the second floor of the building and the stack of homework each week. Pretty much, she looks like this walking out of school each day. More importantly, she looks this happy going into school each day. 

Mrs V. likes to have all kinds of help in her classroom and because of my flexibility a few days a week, I've been able to pitch in a bit. Ella still loves it and I'm getting solid training on the 'new math' during the math rotation sessions. 

We've had some really big fun with our neighborhood family group this summer. I served as co-president (with Mama Michelle) for my third and final time. We are wrapping up our last month as leaders. We covered a lot of ground having fun, not to mention owls and birds making guest appearances.

Some cats and sharks blowing bubbles made appearances too.

Our summer send-off Kids N Cocktails produced 457 kids, I swear. OK, so I exaggerate but we had a whole lot of cuteness going on in our yard.

We had big fun showing our support at the Pride Parade.

Larry and I watched the eclipse thanks to technology (from our respective offices) and Ella got to wear 'the best glasses ever' and do some sun-gazing with her school mates.

Nothing seems to be moving slowly anymore. There were times that a day here or there would seem to move at a snail's pace. Nope. We try to soak it all in, get involved and enjoy the moment. And although it doesn't need to be repeated again, it is one of the many reasons I don't get to update the blog as much as I used to.

And until she absolutely refuses, I'll continue to keep my camera at the ready to capture what I can.

Pic sent to me from her teacher!
Also contributing to our busy schedule? These two foster babies: Olympia and Otis. The little Cat Whisperer is working her magic.


Thursday, August 17, 2017

You were awesome but we miss you.

Today is August 17. Today, Ella was ripped from bed at 6:30am to start the first day of her 3rd grade career. Even though it is hot, muggy and raining outside, summer is 'over' in terms of laid back schedules and slow wake ups.

Summer was awesome. 

But I find myself wallowing in melancholy, again. I always feel this way. I am excited for her new beginning but there is always that BUT.

Little did we know that when I took these photos of our time with Lillian, she and her family would be packing up the house and moving to Tennessee a month later. Lil and Ella have been peas and carrots since their kindergarten years. They are completely different souls and yet compliment each other perfectly. She always managed to bring Ella out of her shell.

We know they will do so great in their new adventure but man, are we going to miss having her in our lives.

Sleepovers. Fireworks.

Incredible sunsets.

Fostering kittens. Again!

Having fun getting to know Creamsicle, the cat who has made us his own.
Celebrations at the Art Museum.

More kitten love (she is so so good at this fostering thing).
Art classes.

Adventures at the Great Lakes Museum.

Larry's band performed at the Art Museum on a picture-perfect Friday evening. We got to hang with some of our best buds.

 We met up with her classmates for some fossil-digging. Even Mr. Heartz showed up which made one little girl in particular, very happy.

So let's do this, new school year! Let's do this third grade thing with a brand new teacher, high up on the 2nd floor with all the older kids and brand new routines.

And for those of you who have grown to love Panda, our girl left him in my care today for the first time. Ever. Tomorrow may have her hiding him in her backpack again for extra security but what a big, big step for her.