Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just because I unearthed the video cam...

...and had to post a little bit from her first Snowsuit Adventure!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bring it on, Dragon!

We celebrated the Year of the Dragon with our FCC Family on Sunday. It was big fun and lots of kids dressed in their finest.

Frick and Frack

Kunming Cuties...Ella with Lily
Brynn and Ella checking out the HUGE goldfish
Ice cream with Roz and Ava
Look at all that shiny red! Ring a round the rosy...
No caption needed, really.
Good luck, health and prosperity to you all, Ella-Land!! Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday morning with Ella.

When you wake up several times during the night (ongoing issue last few weeks) and then wallop your parents with a roar at 6:15am, announcing that you are ready to embrace the day, said parents are usually having a hard time keeping up by 9:30am. At least these two parents do.

So, we did this to her...

Yes. We bundled her up in her first shot at the snow pants, coat and boots - all wonderful hand-me-downs from our little friend Isabella. She's a bit dramatic about certain clothes being too constricting. I was prepared for bloodshed. But she was an angel because she knew exactly what she wanted, which was this:

She had no problem improvising with her garden shovel for our overnight snowfall.

After an hour in the bitter cold, crawling in snow and doing snow angels (yes, Mama too), Mama called it quits. And that folks, didn't go over very well.

Tomorrow we will join our FCC group for our CNY celebration luncheon. Pictures of all the cutertons dressed in their best will be posted soon!


Friday, January 20, 2012


Getting your first haircut can be scary.

But when P-Man made his way out of the cape and into her mouth for sucking, it got better.

And perhaps you won't even notice because we took off the bare minimum to give her 'do' a little boost. Truth be told, we had to do something to alleviate the battles of getting a brush through that mop on her head. (Translation: we = mama)

I think this last picture captures her perfectly. She wanted to watch and then didn't...then wanted to watch and then darted her eyes away again!

I'm rather impressed that I got this done before the CNY celebrations begin on Sunday. One of many customs during this time is to have your hair cut just before the new year and never during the two-week celebration. Another custom is sweeping out all the old (in your house) which would include any bad luck, to make way for the new and the good.

I guess we've got a little work to do tomorrow, in between shoveling, snow-blowing and making angels in the snow!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thirty Six Hour Respite.

Mama and Daddy took a road trip this past weekend. It was a whirlwind of good food, great music and even better friends. Ella's Grandma and Papa had the 'difficult' task of keeping Ella while we enjoyed some time together. They did magnificent things together, including a much-needed nap on the couch.

We were all glad to be together again on Sunday night and never worried about our girl for a minute!

Friday, January 13, 2012


In the coldest, windiest times of winter, our kitchen and breakfast nook get the BEST sunshine ever. For just a few months, the sun is situated ever-so-perfectly.

When you add in Ella on her favorite perch, the counter, it also gives us this.

And this.

How did I get the sun to filter through my lens like that? Good question!

The last week has been an interesting one with our little power house. Her sleep has been restless. Last night we were awake more than we slept, for example. Eating any structured meal is, shall we say, exhausting. She was less than pleased about going to school this morning. On our commute she was either crying or singing "brown bear what do you see?", sometimes at the same time.

But when you look back on exactly one year ago, Ella perched in her favorite spot on that same kitchen counter...

...wow. Where did that pudgy little one go? Apparently, replaced by a confident, sassy, headstrong 2 1/2 year old. She is a joy full of surprises, no matter how (desperately) tired out she makes her old(er) parents.

Stay warm this weekend. Winter has definitely arrived in Ella-land.

H, L & EML

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Has the fog lifted?

Blogging mama has been away because she was sick. Again. Thanks to Ella's daddy; her papa and grandma; and her other mama, Katie, for coming together. Amazingly, I managed to keep it all to myself and everyone else has remained healthy! Whew. (You can get a sneak peek of last week here.)

I did muster up some energy, dust off the camera and secure appropriate bribes to capture our girl in the dress my mom made her for Christmas this year. (See, all is not lost...I did NOT forget this from previous post.)

And she turned on the charm. And beauty.

And orneriness.

And big-girl posing.

And then poof... she grabbed some beads and was on to something else where I wasn't 'bossing' her so much.

H, L & EML

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Come on over!

Over the last week or so, Ella has invited some of her favorite little peeps over to her house. The wonderful part of this time of year is that the house is so disheveled having a pack of them running around doesn't really add to the mess.

Ava, Roz and Ella covered a LOT of ground while we Mamas got to chat in the sanctity of my breakfast nook!

Making Up.
Gossiping about the Mamas.
On New Year's Day, we had Uncle Robbie, RJ and Isabella over for a feast. And no visit to Aunt Feather and Uncle Larry's would be complete without banana popsicles for dessert.

And my favorite...

H, L  & EML

Monday, January 2, 2012

"Of all sound of all bells...

most solemn and touching is the peal which rings out the Old Year."*

And even though we were all tucked away when the bells rang (and fireworks shot off) on New Year's Eve, we had a great time getting there.

We met my parents at our favorite Chinese restaurant for an early dinner. Ella ate her entire meal with her panda chopsticks leaving all of us in the dust with her dexterity. She rocked her outfit, all the way down to her sparkle boots.

Then we joined our friends for their annual New Year's celebration. It is quite possible that Ella was one of the most popular guests - she certainly was the youngest. She was loads of fun. And we never grow weary of being amazed by her ability to gain footing and comfort in social gatherings.

Comfortable, Ella? No shoes OR socks within moments of arriving.

What an amazing year with our girl. Each time I post to the blog, I try to take time to scroll back through posts from one year prior. She's changing and growing so quickly. Her hair has doubled in length, I'm certain. Her vocabulary causes me to forget she is only 2 1/2 years old. And her giggle, oh her giggle...

2012 is off to a nice, gentle start with a little dusting of snow this morning stirring all kinds of excitement in Ella! There is also a bit more 'balance' with the return of Roz from her holiday travels. I think this picture is worth a thousand words. More than anything, it shows the level of comfort they have with one another.

Here's hoping your new year starts out comfortable, too.

H, L & EML

*~ Charles Lamb

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Catching up...December.

A few weeks back, Katie and I packed up the girls and headed north on a Thursday for an adventure. When both Ella and Roz are riding in the same car, where we are going doesn't matter much to either of them. We did some shopping, had a nice lunch and then hit the kids' museum. The Block Party room was a huge hit. HUGE.
Katie and I had to control our urges to jump into the big foam blocks.

There was amazement...
...and bossing.
But there was also dancing in the media and sound rooms. It was impossible not to participate. Your dancing image would appear on a big screen with funky, psychedelic graphics.

Ella and Roz showed off some of their best dance moves.

We saved the water station play areas for the very last. They are not only the favorite spot for our pips, they are...well, the wettest.

It was such a great, fantabulous day. Leaving the museum (translation: ripping Ella from the water stations while her vocal capabilities hit glass-shattering decibels) was not well received. And the two foolish mamas in charge who thought the girls would pass out in the car immediately may need to brush up on Intuition 101.

All was not lost, however. There was dress up and dancing upon our arrival home.

Such fantastic style sense, I think!

H, L & EML