Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday morning with Ella.

When you wake up several times during the night (ongoing issue last few weeks) and then wallop your parents with a roar at 6:15am, announcing that you are ready to embrace the day, said parents are usually having a hard time keeping up by 9:30am. At least these two parents do.

So, we did this to her...

Yes. We bundled her up in her first shot at the snow pants, coat and boots - all wonderful hand-me-downs from our little friend Isabella. She's a bit dramatic about certain clothes being too constricting. I was prepared for bloodshed. But she was an angel because she knew exactly what she wanted, which was this:

She had no problem improvising with her garden shovel for our overnight snowfall.

After an hour in the bitter cold, crawling in snow and doing snow angels (yes, Mama too), Mama called it quits. And that folks, didn't go over very well.

Tomorrow we will join our FCC group for our CNY celebration luncheon. Pictures of all the cutertons dressed in their best will be posted soon!


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