Friday, January 20, 2012


Getting your first haircut can be scary.

But when P-Man made his way out of the cape and into her mouth for sucking, it got better.

And perhaps you won't even notice because we took off the bare minimum to give her 'do' a little boost. Truth be told, we had to do something to alleviate the battles of getting a brush through that mop on her head. (Translation: we = mama)

I think this last picture captures her perfectly. She wanted to watch and then didn't...then wanted to watch and then darted her eyes away again!

I'm rather impressed that I got this done before the CNY celebrations begin on Sunday. One of many customs during this time is to have your hair cut just before the new year and never during the two-week celebration. Another custom is sweeping out all the old (in your house) which would include any bad luck, to make way for the new and the good.

I guess we've got a little work to do tomorrow, in between shoveling, snow-blowing and making angels in the snow!

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