Sunday, January 1, 2012

Catching up...December.

A few weeks back, Katie and I packed up the girls and headed north on a Thursday for an adventure. When both Ella and Roz are riding in the same car, where we are going doesn't matter much to either of them. We did some shopping, had a nice lunch and then hit the kids' museum. The Block Party room was a huge hit. HUGE.
Katie and I had to control our urges to jump into the big foam blocks.

There was amazement...
...and bossing.
But there was also dancing in the media and sound rooms. It was impossible not to participate. Your dancing image would appear on a big screen with funky, psychedelic graphics.

Ella and Roz showed off some of their best dance moves.

We saved the water station play areas for the very last. They are not only the favorite spot for our pips, they are...well, the wettest.

It was such a great, fantabulous day. Leaving the museum (translation: ripping Ella from the water stations while her vocal capabilities hit glass-shattering decibels) was not well received. And the two foolish mamas in charge who thought the girls would pass out in the car immediately may need to brush up on Intuition 101.

All was not lost, however. There was dress up and dancing upon our arrival home.

Such fantastic style sense, I think!

H, L & EML

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