Thursday, December 29, 2011

What do you want to tell Santa?

Ella dictated this note to me to leave for Santa, along with his homemade cookies and milk.  I have to smile that Baby Jesus came in first! And I don't think anyone is surprised Panda made it in there either.

The actual cookie baking and decorating was not for the faint of heart. Trying to roll out cookie dough with clouds of flour all around, and Ella running around with the cookie cutters should have probably been a Mama AND Daddy project. Which is why I got this look when it was all over...

A costume change and a nap and the cookie decorating commenced!

And taste-testing.

She wanted total creative control and had no problem telling me about it.

Our nephew Trent and his fabulous bride-to-be, Kim, stopped in town during their travels on Christmas Eve morning for a great visit. So great that before they left, they asked Ella to do them the honor as being the flower girl for their spring wedding. I cried (of course I did). We are touched beyond words, really. It is going to be such a colorful, funky celebration with these two at the reigns. We can hardly wait, although I'm already trying to figure out how we can hide Panda in her bouquet or flower basket.

Ella wore a fantastic creation on Christmas Eve night. Getting her ready for church that evening was a big challenge. Translation: no time for the camera or smiles.  So there will be a separate post dedicated to Ella in the dress her Grandma made her. Promise!

After a beautiful church service with a well-behaved Ella, we headed to our friends' home for their annual Christmas Eve bash. It was a perfect Christmas Eve. She was the star of the show and mingled with all the guests turning on her charm (and that contagious giggle) at the perfect time.

Christmas morning was big fun as well. She ripped through every present with a smile. Her Grandma and Papa came over to witness the chaos. More than once she said, "Thank you Mama for all the presents!" Either she is smarter than we think or she still hasn't grasped the concept of Santa.

Hands down - favorite toys were her train and cars!

She did take a break from them to do a little cooking in the kitchen peacock-style.

And Christmas night would not be complete if we didn't have a group photo, now would it?!

Ella and her people!

May your New Year be a happy, healthy one full of love!

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