Sunday, December 11, 2011

A train ride like no other.

On Saturday morning, we met up with our friends for Ella's very first train ride. This wasn't just any train ride but the Santa Train - Ella's first experience with Santa in the flesh! Cookies and milk helped with the anticipation of Santa's arrival. And so did Ella's fascination with looking out the big windows.

Ella with her buddy, Ike.

RJ and Uncle Robbie.
Isabella reading her list to Santa.
A very happy Ava!
And although Ella was about as wide-eyed as they come as she watched the big girls hop up on Santa's lap, she didn't follow suit. Santa did manage to eek out a little smile out of her, however.

Since yesterday, she has informed me that "Ella go on a bus one day just like Ella goes on the train". Guess I better get that transit authority bus schedule downloaded...

Tomorrow we celebrate Daddy-O's birthday. Cupcakes for breakfast!!

H, L & EML

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