Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We fit.

Our very bossy event coordinator.
Did Ella enter our lives with an innate understanding of music and its power? Did she have a sense of rhythm enabling her to follow along with just about any type of music? Or, did her immediate exposure to music, live performances (and drums, of course) in her life with us foster all this?

Yes. And ... yes. The complex mysteries of nature vs. nurture enter the picture again.

For the last few months, Larry has been working quietly behind the scenes in organizing the 3rd annual Raise Some Cash* fundraiser for our church's food pantry. Seven bands with enormously big hearts donated their time. Friends helped with running the sound equipment, donating band equipment and working the door. You see, this wasn't your typical church fundraiser. This was an all-day/night event at a bar. And Ella was right there, in the thick of things.

Ella and Uncle Drew 'working the door'.
Although not far from my hip or that of Larry's (as seen in picture above), she was in her element. Her toe was tapping or body bopping to whatever song was being played.
An uncooperative pose but you can see she's having no problem hanging with the big boys.
With the help of everyone involved, we raised $2,071. All of this money will be used in stocking the shelves to feed those in need surrounding our church. We are most pleased. We are humbled.

Ella's involvement was intentional. This is who we are, we tell her. We think she understand that now. We think she agrees. We fit - the three of us - quite nicely.

Daddy-O on the drums!
Oh, and no she didn't stay at the bar for eight hours, folks. Thanks to Roz and her grown ups for this and big love to my parents for the slumber party with Ella that night. That Hillary was on to something when she said it takes a village.
H, L & The Event Coordinator
* a hat-tip to the late Johnny Cash.

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