Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A morning at our museum.

Ella finished up her four-week drawing class at the museum on Saturday. She enjoyed it and so did we. We hope to get her signed up for the painting class in April. One of Ella's very first outings with us upon our return from China was a trip to our museum. I remember how she dozed off in her stroller as we wheeled her around the galleries. I adore how she knows when we're within a mile of the museum by the landmarks. Honestly, I think she could direct us there if we asked her.

And so while Larry and Ella were participating, I was photographing (as amazing as that must read).

Story time in the gallery.
Teacher Kelly inspiring the kids.
When you are crawling around on the old cork floors with your camera, you see a much different perspective. You see skylights in a different way...

...and you see sculptures outside from a little kid's perspective too.

Glitter metallic crayons? Whoa!
I'm pretty sure there is some bossing going on.

And we ended our visit with lunch in the atrium, probably my most favorite place of all to photograph Ella.


A classic Ella move: the head butt. She does it when she's tired and she nailed me hard in the cheek, so hard that my eyes watered uncontrollably and my cheekbone still hurts four days later! Good job Larry for catching it all.

We have grown very fond of a new installation on the grounds of the museum. It is called Spiegel. Ella calls it 'Skeletons'. It is awesome at night and a while back I managed to catch these images.

Here's me, standing inside one of the 'skeletons' looking up at the head.

Tomorrow is a very important anniversary, like even more spectacular than birthdays in my opinion. We got an early start on celebrating today with KatieRoz. We braved really, really cold weather and hit our science museum. More on that later!


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