Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ornery Valentine With a Rolling Pin.

So as not to be outdone by Tuesday's celebrations, Cupid's party was two days later at Ella's school. Our ornery Valentine was in hopping-everywhere-instead-of-walking, out-of-her-mind-with-excitement form. And she started out the day (big shocker) being horribly uncooperative about photos.

But this just wasn't any old pre-school party. Sure, we passed out Valentines to classmates but we also got super messy by rolling out cookie dough, using copious amounts of flour, using cookie cutters, frosting and sprinkling the finished products.

And Ella used this heirloom...

...my Grandma's rolling pin. The homemade noodles, the cookies, the pies...so much history and love in Ella's little hands. It was the highlight of the day for me.

One of Ella's big highlights was having her Grandma along to join in the fun.

They talked rolling technique.

And here's a little glimpse at the busy workers at our table, James and Nikko right at her side!

The kids did a little singing too. I was able to capture this image of Ella in between her serious dance moves. Ok, so this image may be a tie for my highlight of the day.

A masterpiece!

Of course, Ella received some awesome cards and handmade artwork from her friends and family in the mail, too.

Uncle Trent and Aunt Kim even decorated the box they shipped!

A special delivery from our sweet neighbor had Ella squealing too. I'm not going to lie, Larry and I love this neighbor's baking. It may be a fight for the last of her treats.

Suffice it to say, the last five days have been filled with really wonderful memories. On February 21, we will celebrate and reflect on our Forever Family Day just three years ago. Yep, still shaking my head at how quickly it is flying by...

Happy Weekend! ~H

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