Friday, February 22, 2013


Wednesday and Thursday were full of Forever Family Day celebratory activities. Including, but not limited to:

  • coffee talk

  • a trip to our hands-on science museum

  • lunching downtown afterwards with Larry and two other FCC Mamas who work downtown
  • presents and adorable cards (including video greetings from the BFF)

  • dinner with my parents
  • ice cream

  • watching videos from our travels to China

Ella sees her 'baby self' in these videos and speaks of herself in third person. She cannot or will not fully grasp that the little one giggling on the screen is the younger version of herself. After watching the footage of Kunming before adoption day and asking several times, "Where's Ella?" I explained that we had to wait for our appointment, that we couldn't just bolt to the orphanage and leave with her at free will. "Did Xuilan hook you up?" came out of her mouth next.


And yes, Ella. Xuilan hooked us up.


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