Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fun...Inside and Out.

We hunkered down last night with Chinese takeout and got messy. What a fun project. Panda helped with eating up the sprinkles Ella missed.

There is nothing sweeter for me than to see her on her perch at the kitchen counter, helping with cooking or baking. She is a very good helper, and very particular about her tasks. She tends to be more organized than me.

Keeping her from eating ALL the sprinkles and chocolate is the challenge...

After a busy morning of art school and taking in a little music and lunch with Larry's band, we hit the snow today.

Ella drug her shovel all the way down to her Grandma and Papa's house to say hello. We eventually had to haul her inside against her will.

I'll be sad when she outgrows these boots - they are so cute.

Hydrangea snowcones in our garden.

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