Monday, November 12, 2012

Rockin' it out.

When Ella thinks her outfit looks especially fetching, she'll say, "This outfit rocks it out huh, mama?" We talk about rockin' it out around here. When a good song comes through the speakers, it is our way of encouraging her to boogie down - enjoy the music. It is no surprise that it finds it's way into other parts of our conversations. (You may also recall a September blog post here about rockin' school shoes.)

Sunday morning, Ella WAS, in fact, rockin' it out. Clothes mean almost nothing to Ella. She'd rather run around in the buff (unlike her BFF Roz who has very distinct opinions on clothing!). Clothes hold her back, I guess. But she did ask to wear this outfit. And she did a darn fine job. She did an even better job of rockin' it out in the 60 degree temps after getting home from Ah-men...

It has been a while since I've caught a shot of our girl where she actually looks like Baby Ella all over again. This last one reminds me so much of the little bundle we met almost three years ago...


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