Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Round Up.

We helped my parents with painting at their new home. Ella was AWESOME. She is such a good little helper, busying herself with projects that need attention (painter's tape everywhere, hauling tools around, etc). Her breaks consisted of bike rides around the block while I tried to keep up with her.

We treated ourselves to dinner out at our favorite neighborhood restaurant. Ella and her Daddy-o kept me smiling with their sweetness.

Did I mention bike rides? Um, yes. She can't get enough of it and is having lots of conversations about how she may have strong muscles now to bike through snow-covered sidewalks.

Two screwballs sharing music...
We are excited about helping out at church on Thanksgiving morning. I continue to be touched at the outpouring of support we are getting to make this happen. 650 meals will be prepared and delivered. SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY. We will then hop in the car and make the trek south to gather at the table with our family...and then promptly curl up in a corner and drift off to sleep :)

Live thankfully, Ella-Land! ~H

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