Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sneak peek with a message.

Sneaky peeky photo from our South Carolina vacation!!

Today is Election Day. We are a united front in Ella-land - no squabbling between parents on who should be leading our country for the next four years. Ella's on board too. At 9:45am, we've already exercised our awesome right to vote. Here's hoping we survive the onslaught of TV coverage today/tonight and the days to come.

Betcha thought my hidden message was going to be political...right? Ha. Nope.

November is National Adoption Month. And my not-so-hidden message today is about how adoption rocks. Period.

And, for those of you who are looking for cool children's books about adoption, "We Belong Together" by Todd Parr is a wonderful addition to your bookshelves. "You needed someone to say I Love You, and we had love to give" ... is just a small snippet of the book's style. The illustrations are awesome.

We hope Ella's adoption has touched you, and we're pretty sure it has. You've been a big part of making it so awesome.


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