Friday, November 9, 2012

Bacation! Blast Off!

She can't say her "V's". So when Ella speaks of vacation it is all kinds of sweet when it comes out 'bacation'. This was her first time on an airplane since the long trek home from China - a journey she doesn't quite remember. She was an awesome traveler and when she blurted out that her tummy tickled during 'blast off!" and her big giggles could be heard in the cock pit we knew this was going to be an awesome bacation.

The weather was stunning with cloudless skies and no humidity. My lifelong BFF and her children made a roadtrip from Charlotte to spend some time with us. It had been two years since we were together. It is mind-boggling when you reflect back on how we couldn't go two HOURS without talking during elementary school, high school and college. It felt sooooo good to be with them and Ella nestled herself in with them so quickly. Awesome.

There were 82 photos that made the cut from our vacation. The difficult part is how to pare it down for the blog! Enjoy our bacation through my camera lens. This will sustain us in February when Ella-land is snowy and blustery and gray.

Kendall and Ella and the aftermath of a good lollipop!
My other soulmate.
Kendall and Alejandro all grown up.

And yes, we piled on that overwhelmingly huge Ferris wheel. Ella had absolutely no fear. I was green.




It is impossible to tell who had more fun - Ella or my parents.

She ain't all smiles, all the time...

...I was on the receiving end of this look quite a bit during bacation, too! What wonderful memories for Ella, for all of us.

Have a fantastic weekend. We are looking forward to mild temperatures, lots of sun and a blitz to clean up our yard and gardens before snow flies!


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