Friday, November 16, 2012

Gobble Gobble.

Ella had a very important job this week: turkey delivery.

My employer donated money to purchase turkeys for our church. Ella went to the store, helped me load them in the cart and then pushed that cart to the check-out line all by herself. These turkeys and a boatload more will be cooked. Side dishes will be prepared. Desserts will be made. It will be an avalanche of planning and chaos. On Thanksgiving morning, an army of volunteers will converge on our church to box up dinners for 400+ people. These dinners will be delivered to the doorsteps of these people in our community. There will be smiles and tears and teachable moments and gratitude and love.

Last year I missed it all, and my family gathering, because of the stomach flu. I am really excited about NOT missing it this year. I'm really grateful to my employer for their donation and for having a schedule that is flexible enough so that Ella can help me with these little things...little things that are actually BIG.

We also made some time for this stuff too...

Ella, Panda and Mama self-portrait by Ella.

Her latest obsession.

Have a great weekend! ~H

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