Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday already?

A day before Election Day which means I can start answering our home phone in another 24 hours. A day into Daylight Savings Time. A weekend that blew by at record speed. Thank goodness I captured something with my awesome new phone...

That's shutterbug Nicolelee Photography Nikki and her lovely assistant, me. We are nearly unrecognizable in our winter gear. We spent all of Saturday outside, in the cold, photographing back-to-back photo sessions. We drank massive amounts of coffee and giggled like six year olds. Larry was drumming daddy, so Ella hung out with her Grandma and Papa at 'the new house' and did a good job of bossing them on yard clean up so that Larry and I could do stuff that makes us happy.

Because I was so beat down Saturday night (never did warm up!), we had movie night.

Ella put the hurt on some homemade popcorn while we watched the classic flick about the Snowman and the magic hat. You know the one, right? We were completely unprepared for her reaction to "the mean boy" trying to steal the hat, or the meltdown about the Snowman's meltdown. Ella nearly hyperventilated twice. Last year she watched this very same movie at least three dozen times in a one-month time period. She giggled and danced oblivious to the storyline. Our girl is growing up...And guess who asked to watch it again on Sunday? Yep. And guess who bawled and sobbed all over again? This DVD may have to get an unexplained scratch down the middle of it.

A long-over-due friend came to visit and eat with us yesterday. Daylight Savings Time (who knew 60 minutes could cause such a disruption?!) and the anticipation of this visitor eliminated Ella's ability to nap.

Shu Shu Jeff and Ella had fun, we think.

Ella had so much fun with Jeff that she fell asleep at the dinner table.


I finished my meal with her laid across me, snoring.

We've got a big week of overnighters with JT and Alli as they breeze into town for a performance. Never a dull moment, really.


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