Tuesday, September 11, 2012

She was rockin' in her school shoes.

Pete The Cat book lovers will certainly get this blog title reference. (One of Ella's favorites, thanks to her Kunming Sister Hannah!) Ella had a successful first day at pre-school. It was a shortened class and one that parents attended with the children. What a huge relief for our girl! Both of us accompanied her, Larry slipped out to head to the office and I stayed on. There are six girl and six boys in her class. The teachers are wonderful. Her two classrooms are inviting and warm. The shocker for us is that never once did she ask for P-Man. But as you can tell from the 'before' pics, he was in her little fists.
Breakfast with helicopter and plane.
See what I mean?

Finally. A smile!!
How did they know to have one of her favorite things at the entrance? Scoring cool school points already.
She walked right up the table and picked up her own name tag.
Routines begin. She quickly found her name and fed the class dog her bone.
Ella found the dress up corner. She squealed with delight, "Look Mom, Wozzie shoes are here!" She walked around in these things for the entire time. Clomp. Clomp. Clomp.

We worked on art projects together and although we do "Art School" here at home often, I was delighted to see her use the scissors, glue, and write her name with such ease. Surprising me even more was how she used her right hand to cut, and used her left for everything else. We are almost positive she is a lefty at this point.

We have a calendar chucked full of fund-raisers and field trips and snack schedules. There's no lookin' back now, little Ella Man Li.



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