Friday, September 21, 2012


Me: "Ella, let's take a picture of your unbelievable braids."

Ella: "No thank you."

Me: "Really, they are awesome today. You really rocked 'em at school."

Ella: "Not now Mom!!"

Me: (Hitting shutter button a gazillion times)

Ella: "No ma'am!!" (pointing at me for more emphasis)

(No less than 5 seconds later) Ella: "Oh look at my stickers from school. I love them Mom." She has the attention span of a gnat, even when in 10th gear bossing mode.

In addition to rockin' her braids, there was a visit to the zoo with KatieRoz, a visit to the salon to get a tiny inch of hair chopped off the back of her mane, a whole lot of tricycle riding, and one day (out of two) at pre-school with no tears.

There was also fun with her favorite umbrella, one she lifted from her Grandma. When you're three, you need good shoes. If they sparkle and are red - even better.

When you're three, funny faces are important too.

Fall drops in on us tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend, Ella-land!


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