Friday, September 14, 2012

Her Safe Haven. Still.

Ella craves routine and order in her sweet little nook of a bedroom. It is sweet and infuriating all at once. The nap and bedtime rituals can bring us to our knees some days.

She adores her crib. She is probably the only child in her pre-school class still sleeping in one. I'm cool with that.

The 'containment years' will come to an end soon. Sigh. With that will go some of my most favorite images of her, peering through the rails as I sit in the rocker coaxing her to actually get on with the day.

 Her gentle smile.

Her hair a mess.

Her hoarse voice singing or detailing out what we might be doing next. When free of restraints, I suspect her little feet will hit the ground running and I'll have to pull these images from my memory (or frantically go back through old blog posts!).

I really hope she keeps the butterflies fluttering above her, however. They are so whimsical and peaceful suspended high above. And I don't think Larry will let me put them in our room.

Happy Friday, Ella-Land! ~H

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