Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Bliss.

Nothing else sums it up quite like this...

The weather was STUNNING, and exactly why nearly every living-breathing soul falls in love with autumn in our area.
Once in a while, this Mama gets to beat up her body, push her creativity to the limits and help her very own NicoleLee Photography-shootin' girlfriend.
I was honored to spend Saturday with Nikki and a bride and groom that kept US laughing the entire 10 hours. (The 10 hours flew by; my body will tell you differently.) We managed to sneak in the photo booth for a little fun. We continued the antics of self-portraits in the bathroom...a tradition started in 2011 at another wedding shoot.

Big props to Larry for holding down the fort and being so supportive. He was pleased to report Ella was the best little girl for him. On Sunday afternoon, we switched it up: Larry got to be the drummer and Ella and I teamed up. We wandered our downtown warehouse district, listened to the band and even met up with some friends along the way.

And speaking of weekends, we spent the Saturday before at an art and music fest in a town just south of us. It is a standing tradition - one established long before Ella's arrival. She's down with it because 1) there is festival food, and 2) live music. Again with the incredible weather, too!

Can you find her?!

In an effort to encourage a more cooperative Ella when I yank out the camera, I've been letting her use my heavy beast to take her own pictures. I guess this is what I get.

We're in full swing this week with pre-school. Ella will be attending two mornings - no shortened classes and no Mama tagging along. Her teacher reported a few tearful breakdowns during last Thursday's shortened class. I wasn't surprised. When I asked her why she cried, her response was, "Mama, I just wanted you so bad."

Have a great week, Ella-land!

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  1. I have missed the blog. I heart the blog. Big XO...Kathy