Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sending summer.

I'm going to miss peering across the dinner table at this scene...I knew this summer was going to end as quickly as it started. It did. I'm not happy about it, even though the humidity has been unbearable the last few days. (We were built on a swamp, not kidding. You can tell on days like this.)

Next week, we kick into full fall mode with Ella starting pre-school on Tuesday/Thursday mornings. She has absolutely no interest in discussing this excitement. When I try, I get a look of indifference that rivals that of a 16 year old. We will prepare for the worst case scenario (gnashing of teeth, a perfunctory nose bleed, bossing, screaming, crying) and be delighted if only one of those occur.

I am also going to miss her nightly bossing-begging-demanding that she and her Daddy go in search of spiders, bugs and worms.

The family gave it one last hoorah and gathered at my parents' on Sunday for a cook-out. Ella is not the only one growing! Lily is going to be a year old in just a few short months and Ella has figured out that she may be cool to have around.

Lily's big bros Matthew and Michael continue to be some of Ella's favorites.

Not to mention Uncle John, who fosters Ella's love for cars and surprises her with new ones at each visit. No baby dolls for this little girl.

Matthew, encouraged by his Uncle Brandon to face paint with hot fudge sauce, got the BEST reaction out Ella...

Last night, we successfully purchased one back pack in an effort to ramp up the excitement for pre-school. Here's hoping...


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