Friday, September 28, 2012

A week in review (and complaints of garage sales).

Garage sales. I hate them. I cannot express to you enough how much I do. I realize starting out a blog post like this might be in poor taste but it represents the moaning and grumping and cleaning and purging that has been going on. Ella and Larry are starting to hoard their favorite possessions in fear that I'm going to snag them, tag them and throw them in the garage.

Silver linings though, people. And one of those bright spots is how much fun a three year old can have in a big, empty box. Wow.

Another silver lining? Finding things you tucked away for a later date. In walks the '53 white Corvette...

My Dad had given this to me a few years back - before Ella. Little did we know of her infatuation with cars and shiny wheels. She could hardly contain herself.

We've already made a minor repair on the steering wheel. Corvette and Chevy go everywhere with us, currently. (They are heavy. Then end up in my purse. I wish her obsessions did weigh this much.)

Our work/pre-school schedule continues on at break-neck speed. (Translation: Mama is tired.) Ella confesses she does actually 'like' pre-school and went so far to say, "My new pre-school is at an Ah-men. It has a cross and high heels." Really, what more does this chick need?

I made some extra time for Art School in between garage sale prep. Ella is amazing at following directions on these projects. (I'm not the natural artist that Larry is but I can orchestrate one for her like a pro!) This particular project is for our cousin who is battling cancer like an army of 100 women. Fall is our cousin's favorite season. So, a tree in all of its autumn-ness it is...

After we make millions on our garage sale, it is off to the annual neighborhood block party. Larry's band is playing. We will fall into bed tomorrow night over the moon at our decision to live where we do. And speaking of moons, check it out tomorrow night. It will be full and more importantly, the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated. Do a search on that if you need to :)

Happy Weekend. ~H

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