Monday, September 10, 2012

Pre-School Eve.

Dear Ella,
You are sleeping oh-so-soundly right now. I know because I hear your deep sighs through the baby monitor. Your Daddy and I went to the parent meeting to kick off the school year at your new school. We got lots of information on what you'll be doing, how the teachers will be encouraging you to learn, laugh, explore and share. It took my breath away at one point. How could this be? How could it be that we're preparing you to transition into elementary school? You hear me say it often, "What happened to my Baby Ella?", to which you always respond with a round of giggles. (You love this game.) I feel that more than ever tonight.
Your First Day of School outfit is ready to go and although you smiled and acted interested in choosing it, I know you. You're worried. It's OK. Truth be told, we are a little nervous too.
You will excel, my love. You will do big things. We can't wait to sit back and watch you bloom. We know this new venture is going to be tough for you in the beginning. But P-Man gets to go along with you to watch how your days unfold.
And remember, Mama and Daddy always come back.

So, go let your light shine. Sing loudly. Dance without caution. We'll be right here cheering you on in pre-school, in third grade, in high school and beyond.

Love, Mama and Daddy-O

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