Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fun with friends.

What a chaotic, fun-filled day we had at Ava's house! Thomas, Emmett, Roz and Ella all joined Ava breaking in all her new Christmas loot. The mamas got to hang out together with only the occasional meltdown or tattle-telling . We made snowflakes for this wonderful project. (Note to self: brush up on snowflake making skills...)

Ella and Not-So-Baby-Thomas.
Mama Sarah and Emmett.

I got a lot of this today from my other daughter.
Thankfully, this one smiled at me a bit.
You've read my thoughts here before...you know, the ones about how important it is for Ella to have these friendships. These friends are adopted. These friends are adopted from China and South Korea. These friends look like her. God willing, they will all be close 10 years from now. If so, it is entirely possible they will be confiding in each other about 'stuff' they may not be telling us.

I'm feeling pretty blessed about all this.


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