Monday, December 3, 2012

Do we make art?

Or does art make us? Art (in all forms) is a constant in our world. Naturally, music is flowing in some form or another. If it isn't Larry then Ella is singing or playing one of her instruments. There's barely enough room for me to belt out a tune!

Despite the fact our girl had no nap on Friday, I packed her up for the holiday gallery loop downtown. Larry's band was playing at one of the venues, galleries were busting with local artists' work and above all - there was a bus loop to take us to all the hot spots. Ella loves a bus. ANY bus. She fulfilled her job as band groupie then boarded her first bus...

We looped around one entire time with her wide eyes taking in the downtown lights. The two of us sang Wheels on the Bus much to the amusement of those along for the ride.

We did actually hop the galleries too. There were cookies. And wine. We were both delighted by this.

Since Larry was playing the entire time, it was a girls' night out. Was I concerned her lack of sleep was going to backfire? Uhhh...yeah. But this event, embracing art and LOCAL artists and musicians and bus rides through lit up downtown streets is what we're made of. In some ways, it is how art has made us.

For the record? She was the best companion ever.

And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention how our art museum weaves it's way into our daily lives. Some of my fondest memories of Ella's childhood will be wrapped around our visits to gaze at art and interact in the museum's family center.

Thomas stealing a quiet moment from the bossy girls.

And art even finds it's way into preparing my parents' new home for their move-in. Proper Christmas light placement is an art form, according to Ella.

Leaving your mark on your grandparents' walls? Also pretty artistic and wildly liberating for a 3 1/2 year old :)

Go let art make you a little this week. ~H

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