Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Traditions.

It is December 26. Ella is slowing waking from her long winter's nap. Currently she's belting out Jingle Bells through the baby monitor in her sleepy voice. The snow is blowing around outside. We haven't left the house all day. Ella wants that to change as she's begging to go play in the snow. I'm less than thrilled about this idea. I've got a blog to update, kid.

We had a great Christmas whirlwind around here. It went something like this:

  • Christmas Eve candlelight service at Ah-men
  • Annual party at our friends' house afterwards
  • Santa prep and a very late hit-the-pillow
  • Sleeping in until 8:30am!!! on Christmas morning
  • Tearing through presents
  • Declaring "Santa is the best Santa EVER!!" 100 times
  • Naps
  • Christmas night at my parents' NEW house just down the street

Now, to give all this to you in photos.

Candy cane love!
Santa leaves his mark.
Thomas! Thomas! Thomas!

And awesome cars.

And some doctoring with Grandma and Papa.
The tradition continues in the parents' new digs!
Lily girl.
Matthew and Ella.
Ella with Haley and her Aunt Cathy
Ella loves Matthew and Michael, that's for sure.
And Ella won. She convinced us all to bundle up and brave the wind and snow. It was beautiful. And worth the frozen toes.

My view from the dining room windows.

And this precious scene as we traipsed up and down the streets...


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