Sunday, December 2, 2012

A big deal. Three years later.

Dear Ella,

Three years ago today, we became your parents - on paper. Veronica from our adoption agency phoned us that afternoon and our minutes, hours, day, weeks, months and years of waiting for you melted away. (You can see the blog post from THE day three years ago here.)

We thought you were the most beautiful baby we'd ever seen. Is it weird that there are days we still can't believe it? You are our daughter?

It is what you've become that marvels us more. You are a funny, smart, artistic, articulate little lady. You can sing.

You are the sunshine to our grayest day.

You are still the most beautiful baby we have ever seen. You know what you want; you know how to get it. This will serve you well if it doesn't break us first. You are growing too fast. Weren't we just exploring China with you pressed closely on my chest?

You talk (my word you never stop talking) of China and being adopted on a daily basis especially when you are in the role of teacher and are reading aloud to your students (i.e. mom and dad). That means we're doing something right. Three years ago we were blessed beyond words. We were chosen for you. It still blows us away.

Happy Referral Day, Guan Man Li. We love you.

Mama and Daddy-O

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