Thursday, December 13, 2012

Drummer boy has a birthday!

What a goooooood day we had celebrating the Daddy-o's birthday. KatieRoz joined us too. It was such a beautiful sunny day downtown. We scooped up Larry for lunch at our favorite cafe.

We got to enjoy our downtown library after lunch, too. It is such a magnificent place and we've got it on our list of things to do this winter.
I mean look at that? How could you not get lost in books and a cup of coffee at the cafe with this overhead?! And the children's section is wonderful - complete with an old Cadillac in the middle of it all. The front seat is bigger than our couch.

We are lucky enough to have several anonymous yarnbombers in our city. You will find them in the most unusual places - street signs, parking meters. And the girls had some fun around a particularly colorful one on our stroll around the city.

This year, Larry had the honor of celebrating his birthday on 12.12.12. It's a big deal. And so God served up a picture-perfect sunset just for him, I think.

As if the afternoon could be outdone, Larry's band performed at one of our favorite watering holes that evening. Before Ella and I headed out with my parents in tow, she sat down to one of her favorite finds at the library.

"Eight Candles to Light" is a book about Hanukkah. Her Kunming Sister, Hannah, is Jewish as well as some of our close friends. And although trying to explain the whole Santa vs Baby Jesus being born thing can be complicated, it doesn't mean we shouldn't be teaching her about her whole world. In fact, I got hit with "Does God go to church with us? Is He there with us when we sit on the bench?" Uh yes, Ella and let me try to fumble through how I know this without seeing Him!

We had a marvelous time watching the band play. Ella got a special shout-out for her favorite song about sunshine. And we think Larry fell into bed feeling pretty blessed about turning another year young in this life.


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