Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Xie Xie.

Mandarin for Thank You. Say it with me - "sheh sheh".

I posted our travel confirmation on my Facebook status yesterday. Within an hour, 31 friends had commented to that post. Love. Cheers. Relief. More love. I giggled as I watched one comment right after another. It was unbelievable!

I sent an email to our wonderful FCC Toledo group. The email responses poured in from so many that have adopted before us. What a steady presence this group has been for us.

Then there are the numerous posts to this blog, all showing the energy and love that got us to this point.

The family is about to bust at the seams for a new grandchild, niece, great-niece and cousin.

So we want to say it a thousand times over before we forget or get side-tracked or overwhelmed.

Xie xie. Stay tuned, H&L


  1. Just saw the last two posts - more goosebumps....It is an amazing story with such a happy ending. Now I will be praying for smooth trips and good weather, etc - smooth sailing from here as they say! Yea!

  2. Just saw your post on our blog! Will be following your journey to Kunming and can't wait to hear all about it! If you want, you can drop me an email at msurridge @ verizon.net

    btw - your daughter is bee-YOU-tiful!! I am sure you are jumping with excitement to finally meet her! :)