Sunday, February 21, 2010

From the Moment I First Saw You...

Ella's been physically with us for eight hours. Larry and Ella are napping. I'm watching her now, her little tongue and mouth moving until she find her own hand. None of this feels real.

Not the horns blowing outside our hotel window...
Not the breeze drifting in from the 70 degree day...
Not the electric motor scooters whizzing around in haphazard death-defying directions...
Not the sound of Larry and Ella breathing slowly in unison...

I look at this little angel, with rosy chubby cheeks, and I still cannot believe she is our daughter. But she feels natural with us - she fits - even with just eight hours under our belts.

She's eating pretty well for us. She is smiling and crying which is an important step for her. The last few days have brought huge changes in her life. She's going to be sad. Our job is to give her a safe place to let it all out.

We'll see what the next 24 hours brings. I am operating on about three hours of sleep. We have to attempt a bath tonight and be ready by 10:30 tomorrow morning. Xiulan has arranged for us to visit the girls' orphanage. What a gift she is giving all of us as we piece together what little we have of Ella's life before us.

Video of Meeting Ella

Hope you're enjoying the photos and videos. The camera is getting a serious workout!


  1. And, they are a family.......finally. I went to watch the video, and couldn't I was crying so hard. Heather and Larry, I am sooo happy for you and your baby girl, she is spectacular. I'll bet you've kissed her cheeks a thousand times already!
    julie westphal

  2. Not a better way to start my morning!!!
    So so happy for you!
    Wendy Westfere

  3. much much love! I heard it in your voice. She is beautiful.

    Kathy Dunning

  4. We are so happy for you. Will miss you at CNY today. Ella, your daughter, is so beautiful!!!!!

    Stephani Letzring

  5. Well, I must have checked the Blog too early this AM (can we say that I am obsessed?) and yesterday's entry was still first up. Then Maggie H. posted on the FCC group that we had a new post and pictures!

    She is stunning (no surprise there) and you both look so happy (again, no surprise at all!) Like Julie, I cried. So happy for you!!!!!

    Lotsa love~

  6. Congratulations to the Meyer family!!!!! We have checked your blog probably 20 times since yesterday's post. We are sooo happy for you. Patrick, Lily and I watched your video several times and fondly talked about the minute that we became a family of three. Lily told me not to cry...although that was impossible...your moment of meeting was too beautiful. It will be great to visit Ella's orphanage tomorrow. It is a very touching experience..you will find yourselves holding Ella as tight as possible and thanking God for this wonderful miracle. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Enjoy every second.

    Donna, Patrick and Lily

  7. So wonderful to see this post and pictures before heading off to the Happy Rose today.. I too got tearful watching the video. What a magical time. Ella is absolutely beautiful. We are in celebration with you and wish you a blessed and joy-filled journey...

    Mary, Curt, and Lily Williams

  8. Welcome to the family little girl. We love and cannot wait to meet you!

    Sarah, Ron, Ava and Ikey

  9. Jewel was right...the first thing I said when I saw the new post was "OH MY GOODNESS!" The pictures are beautiful, but the video was what really did me in! I had to watch it twice because I was crying through most of the first run through. She is beautiful and I know you both are so happy. Isn't it so surreal? The moment that you waited for so long is finally here? Jewel has now watched the video and annouced "Mom, let's go to her house and see her. She is going to be my friend!" Like many, I have literally checked the blog each and every time I walked my the computer. My first waking thought this morning was what time it was there and are you a family yet? We are so SO happy for you. Words cannot express the joy that I know you are feeling. Just know that we feel it for you as well. Love, love, love to the Meyer F A M I L Y !!!!!!

  10. She truly is a little angel. What wonderful day for you and Larry! :)


  11. Oh my she is absolutely beautiful!! I am now an emotional mess. What amazing video to show her in the future. Congrats! We love you and your family of THREE!
    Cara, Chris, William & Benjamin

  12. omigosh...pins and needles time last 24 hours...so tickled...tears of joy for the new Meyer FAMILY...

    hum along with Frank Sinatra's "The Way You Look Tonight" as you snuggle with Ella...

    Some day, when I'm awfully low,
    When the world is cold.
    I will feel a glow, just thinking of you...
    And the way you look tonight.

    Yes, you're lovely, with that smile so warm,
    and your cheeks so soft.
    There is nothing for me but to love you...
    and the way you look tonight.

    With each word your tenderness grows,
    tearing my fear apart.
    And that laugh that wrinkles your nose,
    It touches my foolish heart.

    Lovely...Never, ever change.
    Keep that breathless charm.
    Won't you please arrange it?
    'cause I love you...just the way you look tonight.

    Mm, Mm, Mm, Mm,
    Just the way you look to-night.

    Ella, Larry & Heather may God continue to bless you on your life's journey...
    luv bunches, Joanie

  13. We just watched the videa 4 times and I want to go back and watch it again! How wonderfully amazing! We are over the moon for you! Enjoy this amazing time and the rest of your journey until you bring her home.
    Jessica and Chad

  14. WOW! I don't even know what to say. What an incredible blessing God has given you this day. The horns you hear blowing are the angels shouting their praise, the gentle breeze is the breath of God, and the breathing unison is the love of family. God has been faithful and we are so thankful to be reminded of this as we continue on our long journey to our little girl. We look forward to meeting your daughter once you're home. Continued prayers as you continue this journey and beginning life as a family of three. Lots of love, Alan & Jodi

  15. Dear H&L,
    It's great to follow you on your journey to pick up your bundle of joy. May fair winds be with you there and on your return journey.

    Love ya,

  16. We saw the video and pictures in church today. Everyone laughed when Larry kissed her and she cried. There's a bet that he will come back without a beard. So happy for you all.

    Deb Tucker

  17. You would not believe, or maybe you would how much your family of Augsburg injoyed (cried) in church this morning. Everyone was wiping their eyes, not a dry eye in the house even Pastor Matthy. Paul LaClair told me that there were 97 people in atendence and asked Pastor why we could't count the THREEEEEE of you as also presentfor a total of 100!!! You were deffinitly there in spirit. People were saying that Ella looks like Lary. Must be the hair!
    It looked like maybe Lary will have to shave off that beard!
    Ron & Peggy Gould

  18. no words....
    Love and giant hugs from all of the Ziemke/Burgermeisters
    ps...Amelia loves watching Ella

  19. Larry & Heather, I'm thrilled for you. The joy in your faces is plain to see. What a beautiful family you make. God has truly blessed your time of waiting with a gorgeous daughter. My love & prayers to you three!

    Amy Meiring

    P.S. Ben & Matt loved the pictures and video. They can't wait to see Ella in person!

  20. Congratulations to the Meyer Family!!! You are a Beautiful family. May God continue to Bless you three throughout the journey of life. Much Love, Carol Dunning

  21. Congratulations!

    -Jenn, Chris, and E

  22. Larry and Heather, Congratulations. Can't wait to meet your lovely daughter. Robbie and Toni

  23. Can't stop watching the video... showed Matt, Parker and Cooper, my mom, the girls at work! I get emotional every time I see and hear your joy!We are so, so happy for you. She is perfection and we can't wait to meet her!
    Much love,
    Tamara and Matt

  24. FOREVER FAMILY!!! There's nothing better, Heather!!! Your sweet baby is just Beautiful!! Warm congratulations and wishes to you all. Praying for good health and safety as your journey to Ella continues. Have fun with your baby daughter!:)
    take care,
    hollym. FCC Forum