Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We Are Leaving Tomorrow!

We've got less than 24 hours to go folks. To say that there is a mixture of emotions at the Meyer Household would be an understatement.

Our friend Drew sent me a message on Facebook this morning: "You ready?" Two simple words. No simple answer.

Our cat and house are being turned over to a marvelous individual for the next 16 days. Our bags are packed (and 6 lbs over the weight requirement at present). My 'To Do' list has nearly everything crossed off.

Ella's room is in perfect order.

There isn't a stitch of dirty laundry in the house. I realize those words will never leave my fingertips again.

But ARE WE READY? If we can follow the words of adoptive mothers who have traversed before us and live in the moment, then yes, we are ready. If we stay centered, yes with an exclamation point!

We have our faith, we have you and we have this child, half-way around the world. It is entirely possible that we could slide into home base arms and legs everywhere, in horrific form. I doubt you'll hold that against us.

Next post from Kunming. Enjoy the ride.

Love, H&L


  1. Fabulous!! God speed and God Bless!


  2. We are buckled in for this wild ride and can't wait to see pictures of you with Ella in your arms. Godspeed Meyer family, Godspeed!!!

  3. Anxiously awaiting your safe and blessed return. Love Dad & Mom

  4. Tears in my eyes...so happy for you!

  5. We are overjoyed! We will continue to pray for you and visit your blog daily for any morsel of information.


  6. giggled as i read latest blog...hugs and love surround you,larry and ella...