Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Trek To Green Lake Park

At 10:30 this morning, Xiulan led us through the busy streets of Kunming to an area about an hour (by foot) west of our hotel. These photos are what we encountered along the way. It was fantastic. Even better is the fact that Ella Man Li can roll with the punches like no other!!

And, I understand there has been some clamoring for more pictures?? I've included a few here of Ella in her Daddy's new hat (purchased from street vendor today). I'm also including a video showing her delicious little giggles as well as some footage from our day on the town.

In case any of you are thinking we got back to the hotel today and stayed in for the rest of the day/evening - nope. We napped, filled up on green tea (for us), formula and hailed a taxi. We read about a funky little section of Kunming with shops, cafes and coffee shops. Our (non-English speaking) taxi driver got the Meyer fam there without incident. (I can't even begin to explain the driving and traffic in this country. There aren't enough adjectives in this girl's vocabulary tonight...)

We are thriving. We really are. Each hour brings something new. She is starting to find her voice and is babbling more. She is a contemplative soul who does a lot of watching. Her orphan-mate Lexie (a gorgeous little girl, 4 days older than Ella) is quick to give smiles and giggles. Not Ella. However, in the last 8 hours, she's flirting with her Daddy a bit more. Likewise, Larry is in the trenches changing diapers, feeding her and trying to get her tiny arms and legs into cute little outfits. I'm over the moon at how well Ella and I are bonding. She's figured out that her Mama is slightly crazy and it seems to work for us. She laughs A LOT at my antics.

I bet we've said it 100 times since landing in Kunming: This is where we're supposed to be. For us. For Ella.

Thanks to all of you for your blog comments and your emails. We feel your presence. We really, really do. And to G, our Blog Mistress (tee hee), I thank you for posting everything in such a timely manner for us and for everyone back there. You hold the key in keeping us all connected.

Larry and Ella are snoring in unison...I'm about to join in.

Love from Kunming, H, L & E

Note from Gretchen: We are having a little technical difficulty with the video. I will try to get it linked here later today!


  1. A match only God could have made. Love Mom & Dad

  2. You sound wonderful! After the emotional time at the orphanage, it is nice that you got some time to just be parents and tourists. Love Larry's new hat, but I especially love the model. I keep looking at those sweet cheeks and those darling dimpled hands. Her beauty is amazing!!

    It is Tuesday AM here, I just found out that Jasmine is sick and won't be coming today and because of that, I was able to be sitting here at my computer when this entry was posted. We miss you guys, but wouldn't want you anywhere else than where you are at the moment!


  3. Does anyone know what size clothing this adorable little girl is currently in?

  4. She is wearing 9-12 month clothes right now.


  5. H&L,

    Darling little gal. I think she need drumsticks with the hat. Whoops, forgot to warn you about Asian driving habits. Keep the news coming, We're certainly enjoying it.
    Love ya, Ted & Judy

  6. she is just beautiful! Sending all our love from Wapak...its official I think I an a Ella blog junkie....I can't wait to see the next link or pic! Hug & Kisses for the Meyer Family!!!!

  7. Oh, Heather!
    What a little dolly your baby girl is!! Sweet cherry cheeks and a precious giggle! And Ella's dimpled little hand on yours...I love it all! I'm just so happy for you a your hubby with your match made in heaven!!
    Have fun.:)