Thursday, February 25, 2010

Leaving Kunming

This is our last night in Kunming. We fly out tomorrow morning (Friday, the 26th) to Guangzhou. As of now, we have officially adopted Guan Man Li, and we received her Chinese passport today. The rest of the process is dealing with the United States and obtaining her visa, allowing entry into the country. The repacking process is a pain. Today was not the best day, for either parents or child, so this entry will be short. Attached is a photo out of our hotel window here at the Kunming Hotel. On to Guangzhou!


  1. Dear E, H & L, (notice who is first!)

    Your description of the driving caused me some gut wrenching laughter and flash backs of time spent in Tokyo. Our description of the drivers was brief. Kamikaze's ! God speed you all to Guangzhou and home.

    Hugs & kisses - Ted and Judy

  2. Deep breath and sigh....adoption done, visa next. Then home for good! God has truly blessed the Meyer family during this time. Anxiously awaiting an Ella siting in Toledo!

    Amy Meiring

  3. Sorry it wasn't the best day for you guys. It is adjustment - for everyone. Just remember that it gets better every day! Safe travels.

    By the way, we missed you at Ladies Night Out last night but of course you have the best reason not to be there :-)

  4. It always seems like things get easier once in Guangzhou. Hopefully you'll have beautiful weather for strolling around the island and visiting the shops. Thanks for all of the updates, it has been so fun to follow your journey.