Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dinner Time!

Rule Breaker should have been his name. Thomas cannot stand it when we humans eat and don't invite him ON the table. He's a big fan of take out Chinese food from our favorite neighborhood spot.
Ella is also a very big fan.

Mavis takes to messing things up on her level. If her food bowl is less than overflowing, this is the result.

My little chef loves to help me cook.

And Thomas has to be at her side just in case something should fall into his mouth.

Ella's pre-k experience is going very well. But for a few lousy drop offs with tears, she is excited for school the next day and busting in the doors on school mornings. Finally...only a year later! "How do you spell that?" Every conversation is interspersed with spelling lessons. Her mind is thinking in all new ways. It is great. We were blown away at how wonderfully her school pictures turned out.

Another great thing? The patience these two kittens have. They get carted around like babies All. The. Time. These three are thick and thieves.

New books from Aunt Cathy and Uncle JB!

(again with the rule breaking)

We spent four hours milling about our Art Museum last week with our Thursday crew. Ella took her first stab at print-making. I got all inky right along with her. (Agh!! Look how old they are getting!)

Even though I may have my nose in photo edits for a bit longer than I'd hoped for, Thomas makes sure I don't feel alone after Larry and Ella are sound asleep.

He also does a darn fine job of making himself at home when I try to go to sleep, too. 

Happy Wednesday, Ella-Land! ~H

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