Friday, October 11, 2013

Child, don't stop napping!

But for a few bad stages here and there, my little sweet dreams baby has always been a good napper. If left to her own internal clock, she'd sleep three hours if we allowed her. (Refer to bad mood healers in previous post...kittens waking her goes marvelously.)

If I had a nickel for every mother who gasped at my telling of her awesome nap skills!! So many of Ella's peers chucked the nap long ago - especially those with older siblings. Is it busy family schedules that expedite this? As a child, I napped until school interfered but I was the youngest with brothers much older than I. I'd like to think we've been vigilant about working our lives around her need for a nap. I'm not ashamed to admit that WE LOVE IT WHEN SHE DOES. It has been a necessary component to our ability to be good parents. I'm not kidding. We will sing it from the rooftops: that alone time recharges us.

Her system is telling a different story lately. She is fighting naps going on three weeks for me and my mom. WE are NOT ready! As if we needed another down-side to this, when the nap doesn't happen she is falling asleep in her dinner plate. Where some children are whiny and cry incessantly, Ella gathers all nervous energy from her toes and bounces off the walls. Trust me - this can be just as frustrating as the crying.

I suppose a family meeting will be taking place. Some rough schedule of two-three naps a week and/or quiet time in her room will be implemented. Larry and I will weep quietly in the corner over this loss.

In other less self-absorbed news (ha!), autumn is in full swing in Ella-land. Each year seems to be more splendid than the last. Each year it renews our hip-hip-hooray mentality for living in our neighborhood.

 My trusty little smart phone does a great job of capturing it, too!

Our favorite photographer paid us a visit to capture our girl like no other. Once again, Ella and she were thick as thieves in seconds. Ella sees Nikki only a few times a year. But she knows that Mama and Aunt Nikki have long phone conversations, and that Mama helps Nikki take photos. She knows the connection we have and she absorbs it.

Larry watching Nikki and Ella in action. Love this.

This picture is worth a thousand words.

We have been embracing the fantastic October weather. Mother Nature has more than made up for our lousy spring and early summer.

We are so happy that Ella likes going to the library as much as going to a toy store. And explaining banned books and controversy to a four year old is not for the faint of heart....

Ella's perception of her grown ups.

Homeschooling her children.

Happy Friday, Ella-land!

PS to the napping situation: Just when you think you've got a plan, enter in the four year old...She slept like a rock for naps this week because it IS her job to keep us guessing. :)

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