Saturday, October 12, 2013

Housework and stuff can wait.

My day off with Ella could not be spent on catching up with housework. My dirty windows and piles of laundry would wait!

We battled the crazy autumn bees, felt the warm sun on our skin and hit the apple orchard with Roz, Thomas and Matthew. Ella's mood was far from perfect. I'm a bit on the tired side this week so the two of us were the dynamic duo, as you can imagine.

But we conquered it and had big fun intermingled with screaming and crying and time outs (and a few, "YOU MEANIE!!)

Crab Apple.

Later in the afternoon, we went to our second week of Mama/Ella yoga after a much needed nap. Our instructor Erin has an 8 month old and he joins us during class as well. KatieRoz are part of the team in this adventure. We are loving it and the girls are getting better each week. (Mamas are stretching muscles we didn't think we owned.)

Friday was Picture Day at school for Ella. I left her in a pool of tears because, "I don't want that man taking my picture and making me smile!!!!" I managed to eek out this smile from her in the parking lot. School pics are over-rated, Ella. It's ok.


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