Monday, October 28, 2013

Why Ella's Mama has been MIA and one awesome party.

A few months ago, my neighborhood partner-in-crime (Michelle) and I came up with a marvelous idea: 15 minute flash mini photo sessions for the families in our moms' group. It was a smashing success. Before it was over, I photographed 21 different families - all of them fun, cute and totally worth the extra editing work that I've had on my plate the last three weeks.

When Ella isn't with Roz, she spends time with these great children in our cool neighborhood. It is a testimony to what we are all trying to create for our families. Let's face it, the times of heading outside in the morning and playing until the street lights come on doesn't exist any longer. But this group of ladies is doing their part to give them the next best thing. I couldn't be prouder of them all. And yes, I'm pretty happy with my photos as well. (But I'm not done editing all of them...)

This past Saturday morning, Michelle and I also cooked up a Halloween bash for this group. (We've been busy!) The near-hurricane winds and chilly temps didn't stop us. We had bouncing, donut eating contests, mummified juice boxes, a parade and a mummy and me toilet paper contest. Did I mention this all went down at Ella's house? It did.

There were some serious warm up exercises in the bounce house...

Our Lady Bug was not the best model and 3/4 of her costume is covered because of her shivering. Promise better photos before October 31 gets away from us! Ella was reserved. She hung in there and enjoyed (the art table the most), but the super hero masks freaked her out. She wouldn't go in the bounce house, play the donut game, get wrapped with toilet paper. Zilch. In fact, I'm wondering how trick-or-treating is going to go this year. She is equal parts petrified and obsessed with the gore of this holiday. She's a girl after my own heart - you won't ever see me at a zombie party either, Ella!

Larry with a bad hair day.

Excellent art work by Larry.

Piper and Larry working on a few Barbie emails.

If you're going to host a party for 30 kids and their parents, you might as well dress the part. I didn't have to reach far to transform into The Crazy Cat Lady (thanks Roz for your cat contributions). Larry was pretty happy at his hair choice - it kept him warmer than most.


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