Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Reflections on connections.

Since my last post, we've spent a lot of time soaking in the last of autumn's offerings. They have been WONDERFUL. For such a lousy spring/early summer start, Mother Nature has provided a hundred fold the last two months. How anyone could not fall in love with a Midwest autumn is a mystery.

Our gardens are winding down quickly. The three of us will be spending as much time as possible in 'clean out' mode before the snow falls, which according to weather forecasts could happen in just two days. (Insert grumpy face.) I guess we should get busy.

Fang and Ella. Kunming sisters.
This past year, Larry and I were able to see a one-night only screening of "Somewhere Between", a documentary following four young ladies adopted from China as they pursued a search for birth parents. Many of our FCC families attended as well. We own the documentary DVD. It was powerful. It was good. (Available on streaming now!)
Fast forward to a week and a half ago. We headed north for an FCC event to meet Jenni Fang Lee, one of the young ladies featured in the documentary. The turn out was great and we met a lot of new friends. The organizers took special care of us. They knew Ella and Fang share a connection. They are both were adopted from the Kunming orphanage and as luck would have it both families had Xuilan as a guide during our adoption travels.
Fang sat at our table during lunch. There were some big talks about big stuff. We took it all in. Truth be told, the adults were a bit star struck that she was actually sitting at the table with us.  
Before leaving, you know this mama had to organize photos. And seeing Ella and Fang next to each other was like looking into the future: the eyes, the cheekbones, the chin, the mouths. The resemblance really is amazing.

Fang with the littles: Heather, Katy, Ava, Ella, Roz and Anna.
The Ho Family in their great adoption t-shirts!
Roz and her peeps!

Love Ella's sweet hands.

A group of our friends went on to a park. We decided to stay in the quaint little town and wander. As luck would have it, a river runs through it! What a gorgeous ending to a wonderful day.

One of our new little friends, Heather (another Heather!!), wandered to the river with her family, too. She is 6 yrs old and from the same province as Roz.

We are so very thankful for our adoption connections. Although Ella doesn't fully realize this good stuff at 4 years old, we are stockpiling this 'stuff' for when she's bombarding us with questions or concerns. Because she will...


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