Friday, November 1, 2013

Field trip!

At Ella's school, it is required that an adult accompany each child on their field trips. For some it could be an inconvenience. For me, it is a gift.

How many times do we get to wear our matching hand-made hats on a hayride afterall?

The farm is family owned and operated. The owners are very sweet to the children explaining everything along the way.

Since all the kids chickened out, I fed Big Red (cow) from my hand. She slobbered and drooled as she took the corn cob from my hand. Ella's expression was priceless, "I can NOT believe you just did that!" Sorry, no photo of that. I'll let your imagination conjure up the image.



Ella with Callie!

The crew.
We hit the pumpkin patch at the end of our morning and selected two of our favorites to take home.

I am a city girl. Period. I will take traffic, horns and sirens over the smell of manure any old day. But for one morning with my girl in tow  -  country living is absolutely perfect.


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