Saturday, November 2, 2013

Manicure Milestone.

So, this happened.

And it was 100 kinds of adorable.

A stunned Roz.

I caught wind of a Princess Day at a local nail salon. Mama Katie blogs about it here making sure to point out that channeling my inner princess is something I don't do often. I knew Roz would be over the moon. I knew Ella would be glad to go along for the ride. I was right.

Special princess cocktails.

 Cute piggies.

Ella chose a very sparkly bright red; Roz, a bold sparkly blue. It was such a good time for them, and the moms...who left with unpainted fingers and toes (bad, bad planning on our part!)

About a week ago, I called our magical Deb to get Ella a hair appointment. It was time. More than a 'trim' needed to happen on her mop of hair. Getting through it each night, each morning and after bath time was killing me. Everyone was thrilled except Ella.

We tried to make it a fun time on haircut day by going to Roz's for lunch and then letting the girls play in the huge master bathtub.

And Henry was a fabulous helper during the hair-washing sessions.

After all that, Ella still wasn't happy about the haircut. But Deb was able to whack off three inches. Ella's full-time hairdresser (me) couldn't be happier!

Mavis found it to be a lot softer when laying on Ella's head later that day, too.


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