Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Well, that was a pretty awesome week!

As I was downloading pictures last night, it dawned on me why the laundry has taken over our basement: Our week was too awesome for housework!!

We enjoyed a wonderful meal of Austrian cuisine prepared by our friends Stefan and Allie. They spent a year abroad, got pregnant and had not-so-little Walter in that timeframe. We had lots of catching up to do. Ella was especially attentive to Walter (babies...not her strong suit).

Look at those cheeks!!
What was even sweeter was her affection for Stefan. She was at his side in the kitchen. I think his accent put it over the edge.

On Sunday, we walked into THIS at Ah-men...Quilt Sunday! These quilts have been hand-made by our powerful quiltmaker circle. Some are sold to help defray expenses and the rest are donated to several shelters in our city. It is an amazing sight.

We exercised our civic duty on Tuesday, including Panda, of course.

Roz's grandparents were town this past week. For the first time, both girls stayed with them so that Mama Katie and I could go to lunch. Alone. ALONE. Every single one of us enjoyed it!

Thomas and Mavis are growing (getting fat) and enjoying the freedom of the entire house. We haven't perfected night-time sleeping yet but they are darn good at napping with us.


The Saturday morning art classes are big fun. Aminah Robinson and the Japanese Print Exhibit served as inspirations in Ella's class.

This is Ella's story board. Her story is entitled "Victor Talks A Lot".
Victor...as in train engine. Big surprise :)

Ella in a kimono colored with pastels.
A Random Act of Kindness surprise hit my mailbox this weekend too. The secret sender gifted me this, thanking me for sharing my gift. Since I just got done editing 22 family photo sessions, I'm baffled on who sent it. I'm embracing the random-ness! It is adorable and I'm touched.

Mama's Girl.
We are in the very small window of our outdoor lives that brings trepidation. The time change means pitch black by 5:30pm; the leaves are tumbling down every second so leaf-raking never ends; our overwhelming gardens are disgusting, dead and need cleaned out; it's cold and the snow could fly any moment.

Our neighborhood may be incredibly beautiful right now but we are a little 'boo hoo' about this part! We are chipping away at what we can.  Ella does a nice job managing us from her chariot.

Happy Tuesday, Ella-Land! ~H

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