Monday, May 27, 2013

You Are Four. We Still Can't Believe It.

Dear Ella,

You are four years old now. First off, your growing up can slow down a wee little bit. It seems as every morning brings a new conversation or quirky mannerism from you. And I can't believe it. How clich√©, really. But I promise you that it feels like just yesterday we were in Kunming trying to figure out who you were, as you were with us.

The birthday celebrations were nearly one week long when you factor in the party with your preschool class and the trip to the candy factory. It made the actual gathering at our house on the 19th laid back for your Daddy and me.

You got a new bike for your birthday and even though you didn't know it, you helped pick it out weeks before. We thought you'd love it. There were squeals of delight as you watched Daddy wheel it down the sidewalk towards our driveway (thank you R&R for housing the awesome ride over the weekend for us!).

Let me tell you, Ella, it was short lived. There were tears and gnashing of teeth. Here we are a week later and you are petrified to even sit on it. Mommy and Daddy will no doubt be driven to bribing you with M&M's or something...

Your buds Thomas and Roz came over and they did a wonderful job assisting you on blowing out the candles.

They also were quick to assist on sticking fingers into the frosting.

Oh, I haven't mentioned Thomas the Train yet? Oh dear, how silly of me. You live, breath, eat and sleep this little tank engine. It is 50 kinds of adorable. And if it isn't him, it is cars, planes, helicopters, trucks. You are a feminine little beauty with long, gorgeous hair dancing to and fro and you could give a hoot about anything frilly. You are just perfect.

You were a perfect little present opener, excited and appreciative about every gift.

We can't wait to see what this year brings, little lady. We love you "to the moon and back and back and back and back..." as you say.

And how blessed are you to have such awesome friends and family to watch you every step of the way?

You can thank Mama Katie for picking up the camera that day. She did a fantastic job of capturing everything!

Love you, Mama and Daddy-o

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